Monday, May 5, 2008

Five Keys 11/365

I have been having the same recurring dream for several months now and it is driving me crazy! I believe that dreams are an outlet for underlying issues and conflicts that you are dealing with and I am trying to figure out what this dream means .... but I am not having much luck.
The dream always starts out with me walking down the main street of a picturesque small town that I have never seen before. Somewhere down the street, I run into this man that I seem to know but I don't have any idea who he is. It is always the same man. He has dark hair, he is tall, and in one dream he was wearing glasses. He has this little box with five keys in it and he opens the box and ties one of the keys onto my wrist with a purple ribbon. I ask him for the other keys and he says he can't give them to me right now and then he grabs my arm and starts ushering me down the street and tells me we need to hurry.
I keep getting sidetracked by things that I see in the shops along the main street and he keeps tugging on my hand and kissing me and telling me that we are going to be late and that I need to hurry. I walk down the street with him a little longer but, again, my attention is distracted by something else on the street. In one dream, I walk into a bank and offer to fix their computer that is not working, in another dream, I wander into a building and start helping a plumber fix a sink. The dreams all seem to have me offering to help people fix stuff that in real life I would have no idea how to fix. Each time, the man keeps grabbing at me and pulling me away from whatever I am trying to fix so that we can get to where we are going. He keeps kissing me and promising more keys if I will hurry up. Weird huh? Any dream experts here that can tell me the underlying meanings?

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