Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Friday thoughts........15/365

My scratch pad is full, time for a new page

This has been a long week. I am really glad that it is Friday. I have a super long to-do list though so I don't know exactly how much rest and relaxation I will be getting. I do know that I am going to go swimming. The temperature outside was 91 degrees when I got home. I felt the water in the pool and even it felt like lukewarm bathwater but I am going in no matter what!

I am 99% sure that I am not going to the horse show to watch Sara and Pooh. Every time I hear from her, the plans have changed. They had double the entries then what they expected so they have changed the scheduling and it looks like she has the first and last classes. I will just have to be there in spirit. I was going to take some video of her rounds but that will have to wait for another day.

Hopefully we are still going to have the cookout on Saturday night. The burn pile has been building up for weeks so we should be able to get a good fire going for roasting marshmallows and making smores. Of course with this heatwave, a bonfire does not sound like the best idea but oh well...

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